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Sturdy enables DeFi’s best yield farmers to farm with up to 10x leverage!

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Borrowers on Sturdy use interest-bearing staked assets as collateral, allowing them to farm projects like Convex, Yearn, and Lido at up to 10x leverage.

Liquidity for leverage comes from lenders, who earn a portion of farming profits.

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sturdy features

Discover the powerful features of Sturdy Finance, designed to empower DeFi investors and yield farmers alike.

Sturdy Feature

farm with leverage

By using interest-bearing assets as collateral (such as Convex LP tokens)

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Sturdy Feature

earn competitive yields

Lenders on Sturdy earn a portion of the profits from borrowers’ interest-bearing collateral.

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Sturdy Feature

one-click leverage

Automatically farm with up to 10x more funds in one click

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Sturdy Feature

real yield

Sturdy's unique yield-sharing mechanism creates a positive-sum dynamic between lenders and borrowers.

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sturdy markets

Sturdy is a new kind of DeFi lending protocol that enables users to earn high stablecoin yields or take out interest-free loans.



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your assets, secured

Audited by the world’s leading security firms, security of the Sturdy Protocol is the highest priority.

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